Yipppiiii…. 12%

This morning I was still wondering what if….. I stay at 9%, and what if…. I reach 12%…. (I was still few points behind target for 12%… It’s 2 more days until tupo).
I was looking for good reasons why God gives me all these thought. There must be something good behind all this. I should be ready for both 9% or 12%…

This is my 3rd month joining this business… and I feel blessed already for this opportunity… So far, I received so many advantages from what I’m doing now… more friends, more knowledge to receive and to share, and more MONEY for sure… (and hopefully more time for my family very soon).
I realize… I’m just a starter… I’m nothing yet comparing to my up liners….
But I’m sure they were all once starters as I am now… and I’m sure they had doubts as well. But, seeing them right now, make me even stronger and give me more power and faith to reach my highest dream.

And so… 12.00 o’clock, I print my AR… searching… searching…and voilaaaaa…. 12%.. Alhamdulillaah ya Allah…
Again I can see numbers reaching to my account.. hihihi.. alhamdulillaaah again.

Thank u my up liners.. for all yr support and help, for sharing yr experiences and knowledge, and for guiding me always…

Thank u all my down liners(1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th liners so far)… for all team works and dreams we share… hope we can reach our success together…

Moms, Dads, Friends n all readers…. Don’t be afraid to reach yr dreams… Nothing’s impossible for what God has written…

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