Ramadhan Week

September 15 up to19 is Ramadhan Week at Abi’s Playschool.
When I received the notification from the school in parent’s communication book, I was really happy. I think it’s a very good idea.
One of the main project is to visit (for kindergarten class) the orphanage and to received friends from the orphanage (for playgroup class as Abi’s) to play together in the school area. The school also gathered food, clothes (used and new), and money to be donated for the needy…
So the day before yesterday, Abi helped me choose her used clothes to be given to the her class. Yestarday I was sooo touched when I found her well understood why we have to share our goods with others…
Abi: “Mammie, I want to share my stuff… I will give it to miss Putri later today ya…. I feel so sad seing my friend who has no clothe..”
Mammie: “Yes, you’re good… This is very good, we have to share what we have with others, ok?”
Abi: “Ok mammie… and I will give also some of my toys… I have plenty of them, is it ok mammie?”
Mammie: “Yes baby… u can give yr toys to yr poor friends…”
Abi: “Thank u Mammie, but Teddy will stay at home Mammie…”
Hmmm…. Hope this can be a start for our children to be more sensitive to their environment….

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