Mother’s Strength

I write this feeling to cheer up a friend who’s having rough day and need someone to rely on…

I am a mother
it means I am anybody
I can be a mammie, a nanny, a teddy bear
and I also have to be a comforter, a counselor and a teacher,
also a cook and a playmate and sometimes a maid

We can be happy, sad or mad even at the same time,
but it’ll all evaporate just like that, in one snap,
only by the look in the eyes from a little innocent creature …

Yes… we need the strength
an inexhaustible strength full of love, tears, laughter and devotion
Love actually, will give us that kind of miracle we need..

So my dear mother friends…
Use your inner strength, a privilege from God to guide and accompany your beloved ones through their living path..
Keep yr precious memories in your heart always, and it will keep your heart warm and shining through the years…

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