It's a baby girl…

As long as memory lives, years will always be the witness…

September 14th, 2005
just half an hour over midnight, I could say “what a battle of life…” as I (alhamdulillaah) safely delivered a baby girl, little miracle, a darling one, which I believed (and still do) more precious than diamond or pearl.

Tears of happiness
A blessed tie binding us together
Look at that…
Innocent face,
Tiny fingers and toes,
Bright little eyes with cutie nose, and


Just open your mouth and cry,
You’ll have all

Speechless still…

Seeing that hugable, sweet little precious,
With smooth and tender skin,
So small and helpless,
But, be sure my darling one,
You’re worth beyond compare…

I love u with all my heart

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