Happy Mother’s Day


U were my everything when I was small, you were my idol when I was a little girl, as you are still my life till today..

It’s true what people say.. I found and still can see you as my teacher in every major, a nurse when I’m sick and weak, a friend when I need one and a counsellor for every episode of my life… there’s much more for sure..

There’s no way I can ever really thank u for all you’ve done to me, almost impossible for me to compete your steadfast, everlasting and unconditionally love… How can I thank u for aaaaalllllll that you’ve given me?….

But my dearest Mom…
I’m sure you’ll know in your heart, as I can see it in your eyes.. you know.. u were, u are and you’ll always be my super mom..

Thank u for being u…

Happy Mother’s Day………….


Mom and little Abby….
(Ira, on Dec. 22, 2008)

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