Happy 4th Birthday

To my sweet Abigail on your 4th birthday….

As I remember the day you were born…. half an hour after midnight, as you’ve waited the date to switch from 13 to 14…. and there u were… i felt you in my arms… so tiny… so fragile and soooo… alive…. thank u God.

Yes…” thank u God for the miracle….” again and again….
As years go by… today I thank You again for letting us feel the blessing in our life, having another year with little abigail…. she’s sooooo pure, loveable, kind, sweet and perfect.
I adore You God.. as you can create such a great little creature, whose laugh and love brighten our life for these past 4 years.
Her contagious smile and tender care, keep us warm and feel so closed to each other.
God… pls give us many years ahead to spend with yr angel…. we promise to take good care of her, keep her smile, give her love and affection at any time she need….

Dearest Abigail…

Everyday is a truly awesome and exciting experience for me n yr daddy…
And today… with yr simple dress and hair do, you look so perfectly beautiful
Blow the candles, say yr prayers and i can see you can’t wait for yr presents…..
Happy 4th Birthday my dearest snup snup sweet angel….
Every day, you make us realise that God had chosen us, to take care of you, along your journey in this world…

Love u always
Mam n Pap

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