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WeekEnd to Pengalengan

Akhirnyaaa…. jadi juga jalan2 bareng the Ronggeng’s (that’s what we call our BIG family) nanti deh kupas tuntas the Ronggeng’s nya ya.. Setelah susah payah nentuin waktu, nentuin tempat tujuan, yang ganti2 melulu dan yang paling penting, dapetin penginapan yg bisa nampung keluarga besar kita….. jadi deh ‘Pengalengan’ sebagai tujuan weekend kita kali ini. Sabtu [...]

1st day to school

“Mammie, I’m a big girl now…” I’ve heard this sentence more often lately as my precious baby has turned into a tiny little girl with a tiny little skirt dragging her small ‘strawberry shortcake’ school bag on her first day to school (July 14th, 2008). It reminds me to write as much stories as I [...]

It's a baby girl…

As long as memory lives, years will always be the witness… September 14th, 2005just half an hour over midnight, I could say “what a battle of life…” as I (alhamdulillaah) safely delivered a baby girl, little miracle, a darling one, which I believed (and still do) more precious than diamond or pearl. Tears of happinessA [...]