"Angel's face in my heart…"

Have no else to do, I checked old photos from last year’s storage, and came out with these favorite expressions of my little Abigail.

These were taken on around October 2007 by my brother in-law, (thank u Mas..)
“Pure, innocent, fragile and sweet”, if I can picture all the expressions seen from her.

My cutie lit’l Abi,
No wonder I feel so blessed every time I look at your face.
I seldom can say ‘No’ to your request, with yr persuasive begging ways..
“May I, Mammie…. May I ??? Pleasssssseee..”

And, I can only take a deep breath facing your naughtiness, since it will all dissappear just by looking in yr eyes…
“I’m sorry ya Mammie…. ya? ya? Sorry ya….”
“I want a hug Mammie…”
And that’s it….
That kind of moment I adore from being a Mammie.

So ‘mothers….’ (wherever u are), pls keep yr sweet memories and sweet face pictures of yr beloved angels in your heart, then we will always feel blessed…
It works for me, and I hope it will too for you…

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