Abi's New Haircut

It’s been over a month since we’ve planned to cut abi’s hair. But pappie seemed so tight with his schedule this past two months, and we’re not going without him…. But we can not wait 4ever…
Abi’s teacher also mentioned on parent’s communication book last week, that abi had been rubbing her eyes too often that it turned red sometimes.
So… nothing to do this weekend, and again pappie’s not around… I finally turned into abi’s hairstylist …. simple cut cut cut, a little bit here, a little cut there, and please welcome the new abigail… kikikikik
She’s cute with her new ‘poni’ right?
You still remember my previous writing about mother’s role?? Yup, we can be anything and we’re required to…
anything that needed… including urgent hairstylist for our children…
Enjoy it moms….

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